About Us

The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation was an idea conceived by family, friends, and associates in the weeks prior to and following the death of Dr. David W. Baker from cancer on December 28, 2009. Dr. Baker was an earth scientist (geologist by training) who dedicated himself in the later years of his life to mentoring middle and high school students in science-related scholarly activities.Dr. Baker engaged his students in a wide range of activities intended to stimulate their interest in science. These included wilderness field trips and student participation in local, state, and national science and engineering fair competitions.The organizing meeting for the Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation was held on March 19, 2010, in Great Falls, Montana. The goal of the organizing committee was to establish a non-profit organization that could be incorporated in the State of Montana and achieve 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The organization consists of six (6) voting Board Members and additional non-voting advisors, mentors, sponsors, and participants. The business of the Foundation operates according to its By-Laws and applicable state and federal laws regulating non-profit organizations.

The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation expects to receive annual income in the form of charitable donations from individual contributors who have an interest in promoting science education among middle and high school students. Many of these donors will likely have a direct interest such as a school age child engaged in science education or they may have a professional affiliation with secondary education. Others may have a more general interest such as promoting science education to enhance the abilities of the United States in an increasingly competitive global marketplace of ideas and influence.

A substantial source of funding may be through grants from larger philanthropic organizations or foundations. The opportunity for tax deductible donations from the corporate community is welcome and encouraged.

The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation seeks to establish a network of donors, advisers, mentors, and volunteers to support and execute the mission of the organization.