Field Trip Requirements

Guidelines for Field Trips (Rev. 1-24-2011)

For The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation (DWBF):

Qualified Trip Applicants

    • Individual students
    • Mentor
    • Teacher
    • School (limit of one per school year)
    • Field trip sponsor

Application Process

    • Students follow general student application guidelines
    • Application must identify number of students involved
    • Adult chaperones required (a minimum of one for every 10 students)
    • Round trip locales and mileage within greater Montana
    • Describe the science-related objective of the field trip experience


    • Eligible expenses include: transportation and administrative costs, and fees for registration and/or admission
    • Not eligible are cost of meals and lodging
    • Awards will be based on
      • DWBF budget considerations
      • Value of experience for student(s) involved
      • Student/mentor relationship
      • Applicant’s history of accountability

Liability Issues

    • Prior to the field trip, each student involved must submit to chaperone a Field Trip Permission Form approved by the DWBF and signed by parent or legal guardian. This permission slip must be kept in the possession of the chaperone through the field trip experience and thereafter kept on file for one year.
    • Successful applicant assumes all liability for the field trip travel and experience and can provide proof of possessing adequate insurance: the DWBF assumes no responsibility for any misfortune, loss or accident.

Follow up

    • Within 30 days following the field trip, applicant agrees to provide the DWBF:
      • a short written follow up report from each student involved
      • receipts for funded expenses
      • evaluation and suggestions