Group Grant Guidelines

Group member applicants, please review these guidelines before submitting your application.

We request organizations seeking funding support to submit:

  1. Go to the Organization Request Form page.
  2. Organization Letterhead
  3. Itinerary of student experience (required for field trips, activities, etc.)

Provide the following items in the organization’s letterhead request:

  • A detailed description of proposed activity including the knowledge and skills students will acquire from the experience. (This should include how the experience will directly impact the students' science educational experience.);
  • A description of how this experience will help students build-on or pursue future science-related endeavors;
  • A description of the purpose of funding request and why financial support is needed;
  • A description detailing the breakdown of costs by students. (This should include an estimated itemized detail of a student's individual expenses (e.g., transportation cost, lodging, activity fees, materials, etc.);
  • A description of how many students will benefit from this science experience;
  • A description of the economic need and the status of additional financial support outside the Baker Foundation.
  • Letterhead requests are usually between 1-2 pages in length.
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Thank you for applying, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your final approval will be completed within 15 working business days.

Please see our field trip requirements for additional guidance.