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About the Doctor David Baker Foundation...

Changing the world, one student at a time…

The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science foundation (DWBF) was established to promote greater scientific knowledge and competency in the United States by enhancing science education for middle and high school students.

We live in an era when budgets for K-12 education are challenged or declining in many regions of the country. There is also a perception that the United States has lost its traditional dominance as the science and technology leader of the world. Many have attributed this to a decline in the interest and promotion of science-related education in the secondary schools. School administrators often seem to place more emphasis on athletics than rigorous scholastics and our society at large seems to be preoccupied with professions associated with wealth rather than science.

Through its direct financial support and programs, The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation can help turn things around at the local level in North Central Montana. Specifically,

Student participation in programs such as field trips and outings can spark interest in science that might otherwise have gone suppressed.

Direct financial support for students to participate in special science activities (e.g. science fair) will help make them financially feasible for students and their parents.

Enthusiasm, publicity, and support generated by the Foundation may be a vehicle to recruit a much larger interest in science education in the local community. The Dr. David W. Baker Memorial Student-Science Foundation provides financial support for middle and high school students and/or their mentors to pursue science-oriented scholastic activities and projects that enhance the basic school curriculum.

Our grant program was initially restricted to “Region II, North Central Montana”, but if you are a Montana science student in need of help with your project, please give us a try. If funds are available we will review your project for funding eligibility!